Antacid Tablet

Acidocid Tablet


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Product Description

Antacid tablet :

How do Acidocid tablet benefit?

Antacid tablet functionally are prone to boost the structural and physiological health of food pipe (esophagus) stomach and duodenum which in sequence receive the eaten foods from the mouth.
Acidocid tablet provides a correctional mode for delegated work of appropriate digestion of foods in stomach and duodenum.
Acidocid tablet keeps up the optimum normal level of acid in the stomach and prevent acid reflux in which gastric acid is regurgitated in food pipe causing acidic unpleasant feel in the mouth and upper nose.
What are other functions of Antacid tablet?
Antacid tablet :
(i) are helpful in prevention of acidic peptic disorders (APD), gastric and duodenal ulcers, hyperacidity, heartburn and gastritis and flatulence or gaseous distension of abdomen.
(ii) provide short-lived symptomatic to long time relief in conditions of acidity, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers and flatulence.
(iii) are boon for alcoholics,tobacco and paan masaalaa chewers, smokers, in-disciplined food eaters and dieters in situations of burning sensation in the upper digestive system
(iv) provide soothing feeling during digestion of foods
(v) are best adjuvant to be used simultaneously with painkiller (analgesic) drugs to reduce and minimize their gastric side effects.
What is the composition of Antacid tablet?
Acidocid tablet comprises natural herbs and concentrated botanical extracts and minerals like Yashtimadhu ghan, Muktashukti bhasma ,Kanakpatra, Kapoorkacharighan, Aamakeeghan, and Khatika etc.

What is the dose of Acidocid tablet?
Acidocid tablet is crushed in mouth and dissolved as 1 to 2 tablets three to four times a day

What is the composition of Acidocid tablet?
Acidocid tablet comprises natural herbs like Patol patra, Parpat , Giloya, Haritki, Vibhitak, Vasa, Mulethi, Bhangra, Chirayta, Jatamansi, Brahmi and Nimba chhal

What is the recommended dose for children?
Acidocid tablet is given to the children 1 tablet twice or thrice a day.

Who is behind concept of formulation of Acidocid tablet?

The antacid tablet is conceived and formulated by expert team of GAMS, B.Pharm (Ay),MSc (Med.Botany) , BAMS and Bsc(chemistry) personnels.

Packing :
Acidocid tablet is available in blister strips 10 tablets x 10 in a box.


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